How to start a positive Estate Planning conversation

with your family

Talking to your family about estate planning can be intimidating, uncomfortable. 

Many people fear starting the discussion.  

The alternative: Do you want the government to determine the distribution of assets? 

Of course not!

I have created a 3 step process to give you the tools to set the stage for a positive interaction with your family.

Anxiety to Action

How to Start the Estate Planning Conversation
with your Family

What We Are Going to Cover

It’s all about HOW to start that difficult conversation

In 3 sessions you will learn the key communication tools to set the stage for a positive Estate Planning conversation. 

Nobody wants to discuss the transition of assets in the event of the passing of a loved one, but it must happen.

You will hear stories of families torn apart because the initial conversation never took place.

When families battle, everyone loses…..except the attorneys! 

There will be videos, worksheets, status checks and an optional confidential zoom call to address your concerns.


Session 1

Why you Why now?

We will take a deep dive into  details to clarify, to focus on the objective and stay on point throughout the initial discussion.  A leader is someone who takes care of the people they care about.

Session 2


Knowledge and Status

Let’s make you the expert by interpreting the Estate Planning lingo in real terms, not legalese!  You don’t need to know everything, but this is what you DO need to know.  We then determine your starting point.

Session 3

Know Your Audience

It’s time to face the discussion, knowing who and what motivates the participants.

It’s important to know your audience.  What are the family dynamics?   This will give you the tools to strengthen those empathy muscles.  Be objective, not subjective, to keep all the family participants comfortable. 


It takes time to get family on board, be realistic in your time frames and assessments. Remember getting to the ultimate goal is typically a process.
When the time comes to have the conversation, be transparent, honest, compassionate, patient and above all else, listen.

My role is to help you communicate clearly and comfortably.

About Konni Harrison

Konni is a multi-talented and faceted individual with over 30 years of experience with investor relations, donor relations and individual financial education. Konni started owning successful businesses as a teen, then went on to earn a degree in Marketing and Finance and went into the financial field. In 1999 she joined forces with Oakbrook Investment Brokers Inc and obtained her securities licenses 7, 63, 65 and 35. Which she held until 2015.
Today she is heavily involved in donor relations, investor relations, individual problem solving, and a professional speaker. It’s all about communication!

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Konni and her dog Dakota are a nationally registered Pet Partners Animal Therapy Team. Their job is to make people smile! 

Konni serves on the Board of Directors for Mill Circle Equestrian, an equine therapy facility outside of Boston.

What Others Are Saying

Konni has been helpful on multiple occasions to make the financial language easy to understand. That way, I am able to navigate any difficult conversation that comes up.

Catherine Disoteo

Alpha, NJ

Konni is one of the most adept people I’ve met in getting people to start the difficult conversations around estate planning.  She listens to client's specific challenges while assisting in understanding and navigating what is a highly emotional topic.

Geoffrey Scheitlin, CPA

Founder | Managing Director

Executive Management and Advisory Services, LLC

Konni, you are the Tony Robbins of the financial industry! 

Craig Bradshaw Sr. Robbins Research International, Senior Coaching Consultant